Logistics & Man Power

  • Quality control of CEM Ready mix concrete is an important manufacturing process. It is divided into three convenient areas

    1. Forward control
    2. Intermediate control
    3. Retrospective control

    Quality Monitoring:  Various methods of analysis are used to compare mean level and the uniformity achieved with target level and to identify need for action.

    1.Forward Control

    Forward control & consequent corrective action are essential aspects of quality control it includes
    – Control of purchase material quality
    – Control of Material storage
    – Mix Design
    – Plant maintenance
    – Transfer & weighing equipment and its calibration
    – Maintenance of TMs and pumps.

    2. Intermediate Control

    Intermediate control is concern with instant action to control quality of concrete being produced and delivered it covers
    – Batch data and accurate weighing
    – Visual observation of concrete like uniformity, slump , cohesion etc.
    – Making adjustments based upon visual observations.
    – Sampling and testing of concrete at plant based on the Quality control procedure for the following

    1. Slump
    2. Sampling
    3. Plastic Density
    4. Temperature, etc.

    3. Retrospective Control

    – Retrospective control covers
    1.Sampling of concrete, testing, monitoring of results
    2. Stock of materials
    . Diagnosis and correction of faults identified from complains.
    4. Quality control system shall be operated to control the strengths of designed mixes to the required levels.
    5. This includes continuous analysis of results with respect to actual vs. target values.